Big-Data-Analytic is a process to analyse the collection of data from the State Government agencies together from Johor’s Observatory Centre and equipped with the data from the Federal level to drive the digital economy of the state. The next move would be sharing the anonymise data (without personal details of the subject) with the business community, which will enable the business community and service providers to generate new products and services tailored to the needs and desire of the rakyat

Intelligent Policing

Johor Police will be working with the State Government towards achieving safe city using the Intelligent Policing system. It will provide on-time data to fight against crime and also to reduce the que at police station and improve respond time of the police force. There will be a mobile application that allow the rakyat to participate on crime prevention and take part in community policing by channeling information to the police through this application

Intelligent Learning and School Management System

Introducing the 21st century learning that will enable the student learning content to suit with their learning style of the students, using psychometric assessment to identify their cognitive learning style. This system will also allow enable the stakeholders (i.e parents, teachers and school administration) and the students to access and analyse students’ learning performance data.Teachers and school administration too will be able to keep record of their students online and have central database for all school connected to this system.The system will be introduced at the Sekolah Agama Kerajaan Johor (SAKJ).


Smart Government system enables transaction to be done remotely and in order to identify individual, Digital ID will be introduced by the Johor State Government and issued to the rakyat. They only need to be present physically once to register and acquire the ID, which can be used for all State Government transactions remotely. The system will be certificate-based and have multiple authentication to secure the transaction


A multiple authentication platform will be introduced in the State Government system. This system will have the capability to protect data access, data-on-the-move (transaction), and data-at-rest (storage). It will also comply with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) for all public transaction with the State Government and ensuring the State Government are in compliance with the Data Security Act

Johor Application and Solution Services (JASS)

JASS is developed to transform the way public access the State Government's services and also function as the single platform for Johor citizens to find essential apps to support their digital lifestyle. JASS will also operate as a platform for the private sector to support the development of State Government services for the rakyat

Intelligent Marketplace

Koperasi Iskandar Malaysia Berhad (imCoop) is introducing an online marketplace to make it easier for their members to purchase goods online, including buying fresh perishable goods and choose the collection point from imCoop outlets


Axiata Digital, through Boost, plans to bring the underserved into digital economy whether it is a ‘pasar malam’ merchant or someone without a credit card. Through Boost, we have digitised over 2 million users and over 9,000 merchants into the digital economy. Boost stretches the consumer ringgit through cashback rewards, free cash in options, free P2P transfers, and purchase of digital vouchers without the need for credit cards. Boost also supports quick access to cash for merchant sales to ensure their business operations are not interrupted. Axiata Digital also collaborates with imCoop, which was created to reduce the economic gap within the society. Axiata Digital and imCoop collaborate to introduce cashless payment system at the cooperative’s outlets.


MyKasih programme has been DIALOG’s leading activity for its CSR initiative. Administered with the use of cutting-edge technology, the programme further exhibits the Group’s commitment in putting in place a system to ensure integrity and accountability. The technology that was developed by ePetrol, a subsidiary of the Group, is based on payment industry standards and best practices, and has revolutionised the way welfare aid is distributed with the use of MyKad. Its innovative and superior technology is able to account for all transactions under the MyKasih Programme. DIALOG as part of its continuous effort to expand its CSR scope, has commissioned the MyKasih Foundation with the technology to administer the MyKasih Programme and extend it to other corporate and individual donors wishing to support underprivileged communities.

Cashless AEON member card

AEON Credit has formed a strategic partnership with Digital Johor Sdn Bhd to integrate digital cashless payment through its e-money and e-wallet that comes with AEON Group’s loyalty programs for the people of Johor. AEON Credit will be promoting digital payments at all of its branches, AEON Malls and AEON Group retail outlets throughout Johor.

Johor Talent Management

Swadaya Insan Negeri Johor (Swadaya) will introduce Big-Data-Analytic in identifying Johorean talents to fill up the new opportunities that will be created by the State Government and the Private sector. Swadaya will be working closely with Digital Johor Sdn Bhd and together with the Ministry of Human Resource (MoHR) to introduce new assessment tools for placement and develop the talents for new industries to align with 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)

Digital Farming and Digital-on-Things

REDtone and MIMOS leverage on each other’s strengths to mordernise Johor’s agro industry and contribute for the state’s economic growth. This strategic partnership include the Smart Greenhouse, Smart Aquafarming and Augmented Reality, which are aimed at digitalising the agriculture sector, increasing farming productivity and quality, while maintaining the affordability and sustainability of the value chain. REDtone's network and mobility infrastructure, cloud platform as well as its technological integration skills and expertise will act as the catalyst in paving the way for the deployment of the smart applications developped by MIMOS. REDtone and MIMOS are committed to growing a strategic partnership ecosystem for technology collaboration to facilitate Digital-on-Things opportunities in Johor.

Digital Exchange

With the aim of growing Johor economy, a digital global platform is paramount in enabling industries to put up their products and services for global reach, which requires global standard in doing business; such as marketplace, track and trace, export certification, product certification and connecting to the current export infrastructure. This will enable our Malaysian products, especially the Halal products to compete globally